Monday, June 18, 2012

The Stairs

Lately I've found myself becoming a project whore.  I just can't stop doing projects!  This major stair project started out as me innocently scraping off the top layer of paint (since it was peeling anyway). 
 It doesn't work well to paint over a stain, so I figured I would just scrape the paint off to the stain and have this nice red color that was hiding underneath.  {I had help}
 That same night Stewart came home to find this (and me scraping away to the bare wood).  (He wasn't impressed).  I had to use the heat gun to get all the paint off.
 After I scraped/burned/sanded the wood down (and vacuumed up my mess) I finally got to the primer part. (YES- I taped off EVERYTHING, and it was EASY!)   Also- I decided that I would paint this little window frame white while I was at it.  {See what I mean? It's a sickness}.
 After much ado- TA-DA!  (Although it's still not finished.  I have to put all the "finishing touches" (And another coat of paint on the railing), but good enough for now!  I like how the white makes the beige really pop!  {SOMEDAY I would like to paint all my trim white, but Stewart will tell you that won't be happening anytime soon ;) }

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