Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pictures of our New Place! (The Main Floor)

I have been promising pictures, but I've been unpacking like crazy, (trying to get things ready for the baby shower I hosted today).  This morning Stewart's brother Rick called and wanted some pictures.  I guess if it means that much to Rick to see pictures of our new house he should just come see it himself I will put them up.  :)

So here's the official (online) tour of our new house!  
As soon as you walk through the front door, you enter the craft room/office.
{It's Awesome}
(from the inside) you can see the front door, the space between where  the craft room is, and our inside front door (which you'll have to knock on if you come over.... cause the doorbell doesn't work)
Our two front rooms (this is the view from the front door)
(please notice in the lower living room, the door on the right side... that's the garage door.  I mention it a lot later, but  never post a picture of it)
You can see the kitchen, that door leads to our scary basement , the stairs wind back up (you can see the slant above the door), and at the bottom of the stairs is the front door.  
Our dining room (new windows), and there's a little bar where the stools are.  
The view from the dining room into the kitchen (which is pretty big!)  That door  leads into the laundry room.

My brand new stove!  (Came with the house) (and my teeny tiny dishwasher that's somehow not connected... ?)
My huge laundry room.  to the left is the half bath (next picture), and out the door is the back porch and yard. 
This "vanity" needs some TLC (hopefully this summer).  The toilet is to the right.
The view out our back door.  We have a nice sized porch (it's covered in boxes so I didn't include them).  We have a nice big, fenced yard, and a nice bully barn shed for our gardening stuff.  (We haven't exactly looked in there... hopefully there's not a body hiding in it.. that would freak me out.  I'm thinking of doing raised planting boxes along the fence for my garden, but that probably won't be this summer.  That's okay- I'll take a year to work on my tan and chill by the kiddie pool. 
The covered portion of our deck.  Perfect for our patio furniture (someday) 

back to the living room we go.  This is the view from the garage door.  This living room is HUGE!
(Oh ya- did ya notice?  We got new couches! They're a poly-blend leather, SO comfortable!) I love em!

Panning around the living room... there's the door to our bedroom.

These doors (are next to the garage door).  There's a little alley between our garage and kitchen that leads to where the new hot-tub is going  the back yard .
The view from the master bedroom.

Our master bedroom.
our double closet (that's quite roomy), and the bathroom door to the right.
Our huge master bathroom.  I think the old owners had great intentions, but never got around to putting a tub under the window, and great cabinets all around.  So this will be a project bathroom (eventually).
The shower and Cadillac toilet

and this is our "creepy basement". It's stinkin huge!  The perfect place to store all our food storage, and tucker tote stuff.  I call it "creepy" because there's an old freezer,  (which I was sure was hiding a body), lots of spiders, and the fluorescent light is flickering on and off like a mad scientists' lab.  I prefer to send Stewart down there to get stuff :)
So that's the main floor.
Stay tuned for the upstairs tour.  

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