Saturday, February 11, 2012

More pictures of the New Place! (upstairs)

Welcome back to our online house tour.  Let's start out in Addison's room!
the view from her doorway
She has a nice little closet, and these boxes in the corner are fun.  (only the top one opens -the bottom one might if the window sill didn't jut out).  All of her stuffed animals are hiding in her top toy-box.  I LOVE this fun little room. 
Addison's bed, letters, and 'Princess of Quite a Lot" sign.
The other wall.  She has her coats, doll house, bookshelf, and tucker toy box.  I think her bow board will go on this wall too.

Brogan's room.  I love the colors for his room.  Maroon, dark blue, and green.  Love how soft, yet bold this room is!  
Love these letters too!  Going to put some over-sized pictures above them (eventually)
His crib is in the corner (helps keep the morning sun to a minimum).  His cute coat rack (made from a 2x2 and some nails (I know- I'm so creative :)  
The built ins in Brogan's room.  They need a bit of paint and love, but for now they work fine.
This will be our guest room.  Thinking we'll try to find a queen bed, and keep this for when family comes (Rick... we even have a place you can stay).  But for now this is Antonio's room.  (Oh- you haven't met Antonio yet?  We'll don't worry- I'll introduce him to the blog later tonight! {hopefully})
The guest room closet (it's HUGE)

I love this bathroom.  It's super small, and our kids will have to learn to share space, manage their bathroom time, and  learn to get along!  I've always dreamed that my kids would be lucky enough to have to share a teeny bathroom.  Makes them better people.  What a dream come true.  :)
So there you go Rick- There's our house!  I'll upload a picture of the front in the daylight.  It's cute too.  We love it.  Love the big space, love that we can grow in it, love that we don't have to pay rent ever again, love that we got it for a steal of a deal, (and love that we were actually able to get it!)
It's a nice feeling to love where you're at!  

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