Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finally In Our OWN Home!

Last Friday we made the big move across town, into our very first house!  Tim Bullers brought his crew of boys that work for him, his HUGE snowmobile trailer, and just two loads, and three hours later, we had just about everything moved out of our 800 sq foot trailer, into our huge new living room!  I seriously don't know what we would've done with all the help he brought (and on such short notice!)  We got the keys Thursday evening and talked with Tim that night at a basketball game.  Bright and early on Friday they all showed up, ready to work.  I'm still so impressed with those boys, and Tim!

So once we got all the boxes in the house, we ran into our first home-owners delights.  Our upstairs toilet leaked (into my kitchen cabinets).  Daddy to the rescue!  The boys headed out to Twin to buy a new toilet to install upstairs.  They came home with (and I quote) "The Cadillac of Toilets".  It was way too nice to put upstairs bathroom, so it went into our master (with the intent to put our old one upstairs).  My parent's didn't like the thought of putting a crappy toilet back into the house, so for their housewarming present they got us another "Cadillac" for upstairs.  (I truly have the best parents! They've been here around the clock for the past 3 days helping out!)

I've been living in the old house surrounded by boxes for about 2 1/2 weeks now.  So first things first, I've been unpacking as fast as I can!  My AMAZING Mother, deserves pretty much ALL the credit for my swift unpacking.  When I don't know where things go (in the kitchen), she pretty much unpacked it all for me!  She helped clean the new house, and ALL of the old house! She even took a day off work to help me unpack and re-arrange the kids' rooms and clean!  I can get so far, but then I go into "basket-case" mode, and that's when she really steps in.  She's so awesome.  I seriously would still be so unorganized, and have many, many more boxes without her help!

Stewart has truly been a saint through this whole move.  When we had to postpone closing over and over, he was upset, but was still there for me.  Now that we've moved, he's been trying to fix water issues, heat issues, and every other issue that a new home-owner has, ON TOP of work and school.  Today he came home and helped me hang a whole bunch of stuff throughout the house.  Seriously- how'd I get so lucky to get such a great man!?!?

I will post pictures soon, but here's a few things that I'm SUPER extra excited about in this new house.

  • Our new couches we got as soon as we moved in
  • Our awesome new carpet (it was already in, but it's awesome)
  • Our HUGE living room space (seriously- the best space EVER!)
  • Cable!  We couldn't get a signal for our old internet (or the other company) because we have too many huge trees around our house, so we had to get Cable One.  It's comparatively cheaper to get the internet/phone/Cable bundle rather than the expensive cable alone.  So now we have a whole bunch of channels of real TV! (not that I missed it too much, but I know Stew missed ESPN)
  • My awesome scrapbook room that is it's own designated space!! (I'm so excited!)
So if you're ever in town- don't be afraid to pop on by and see our new space!  As soon as I get a few more things up- I'll post some pictures!  We're IN!

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