Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meet Antonio

This is Antonio Coracini.  He is from Virgin Grande Dosul, Brasil.  He's our exchange student! 

Antonio got off the plane in Twin Falls, only to find that his host family's basement had flooded, leaving him without a home.  Since he'll only be here for 4 and a half months, and since we now have an extra bedroom, I decided I couldn't not give him a home.  I thought, what if this was my kid in a foreign country, without a home?  I also thought about all the good people in Brasil that took care of Stewart while he served his mission. How could I not give him a home?  (Plus- Antonio will help Stewart brush up on his Portuguese!)

Turns out that Antonio is an AWESOME kid!  He's very good with our kids.  So patient with Addison being a meanie, Brogan's new temper, and the kids' crying at night (the move's been tough on them). He speaks very good English, but we've enjoyed laughing at some of the his language bloopers.  A few of my favorites "The new Iphone 5 comes out in my".  "In my? Ohhh, you mean MAY!"  And also - "How many jigga-bytes does that have?"  "jigga-bytes?  haha!  You mean gigga-bytes!"  Last night I told him he had to eat at least one of each vegetable.  He's really becoming part of the family!  He's learned to do his own laundry, cook eggs, and warm up food in the microwave.  He's very willing to help, and is eager to learn how to do household chores (in Brasil- he has a maid).  We're so very glad to have him in our home with us, and hope he enjoys his time here in America!

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