Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We signed the closing papers on our house yesterday! The kids went to a friend's to play (THANKS JAIME!) and we spent about an hour and a half signing away our life!  We were actually supposed to close on Monday. We had an appointment and even went to the office, only to be told the seller wanted to go through their own lender (IN BOISE).  So Tuesday we did a "courtesy closing" here in Gooding through Insured titles.  I do have to say it was a little unorganized, and super rushed.  (I think I was expecting a little more first time home-buyer "padding") but either way I was SO happy to finally just get this over with!  Now we're just waiting for the seller to sign, and the lender to put the funds through.  THEN we'll be out of the woods, and have keys in hand!  (only then will I be completely at ease- back to sleeping at night)  :)

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