Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Wedding {Part 2} {The Temple}

{There are a TON of pictures in this post, but it's only because I love how pictures capture memories! Whenever I post, I try to think of when my kids are grown and looking at this. I want to help build their memories from when they were little!} *just a little disclaimer haha!

Emmy got married in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. What a gorgeous temple it is! I love to go to temples I've never been to before, and this one was exceptionally beautiful! We were even able to go to the sealing. Some of Emmy's friends were kind enough to watch ALL the kids for everyone. It's always nice to hear the words of a temple marriage. Makes me appreciate my eternal marriage even more every time I hear those sacred words. The spirit at a temple wedding always seems to bring me back to the basics of marriage and appreciate the good man I have in my life. I am so thankful that our family can be together forever. I can't imagine ever being without them.
Loni in front of the Temple!
This here is my buddy Carter. When Stewart's Grandpa Lee died we went to his funeral. This guy was my little buddy! Now he's a little older, and a little more shy of the cooties, and I have TWO kids {so I'm not so much fun anymore}, but I still think of him as my cute little buddy. :)
Addison had a blast pushing the stroller. And I think Brogan liked it too. Win.
Addison wanted to walk with the big girls. She's growing up much too quick!

Brogan flirted with the {very cute} babysitters the whole time we were in the temple. When we took him back he crashed! {That's what ya get when you spend all your free time oogling at the cuties ;) }
Grandpa Bingham and two of his favorite grand-daugthers ;) Loni and Addison sure love him!
This is what the whole thing is about! Sure love these two munchkins!
haha! I love this picture! We were trying to get a good "brother sister" shot. Addison took the opportunity to try and hold Brogan on her own. Would ya say he looks a bit worried??? :)
I hope that I teach Addison all she needs to know so she can enter the Temple one day! What a great blessing it is!
Our little family in front of the temple. What a gorgeous view!
Addison walked up and down these stairs the whole time we were waiting for the bride and groom! {I got blisters on my feet from chasing her!}
"Look at that view Mom!"

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