Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Wedding {Part 1} {Getting There & A BBQ}

A few weeks ago {yes, I've been terrible about updating!} we went to one of Stew's cousin's Wedding down in Provo. His cousin Emmi got married so we decided to go down for it. We went to a BBQ the night before the wedding and the kids had a blast! It was fun to see some of Stewart's cousins again and catch up with others I haven't really met before.
(I have a ton of pictures that I can't help but post, so I'm breaking it up a bit)

We took Nancy, Loni and Spencer down with us {Wally had to leave early to stop at some dairies}. Loni and Addison enjoyed the trip down {way to go!!}

{Addison fell asleep before we even got out of our driveway!}
{Love it when that happens! :)}
Loni and Addison playing games, reading books, singing songs, and having a blast!

Addison loved playing with Daddy at the BBQ!

Addison really loved the food they had! Especially these ICEE popsicle things. Yummy! Mom always loves a good mess to clean up :)
Brogan enjoying the nice weather. He's such a great little guy! Always so well behaved too! {Sure love this boy!}

I Love these pictures of Addison "flying"! She has such a good Daddy!

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