Thursday, June 30, 2011

For you Debi

So you know how we found a stray dog {which I badly wanted to keep}? well we couldn't keep him. He chews the plants in the yard too badly, and another shock collar for our fence would cost about as much as a whole new system! Anyway- he was still here when Loni came over and she took quite the liking to him. He was scooting around on his bottom and Loni was a bit worried about him. She came in and told me... {are you ready for this?}.... we need to check his anal glands for worms. :) Yes. I sure wasn't ready for it! I just busted up laughing, I couldn't help it. Stewart reminded me that Loni is sure to know more than I about animals since her mother is a vet.

Just thought you could use a good chuckle about Loni today!


  1. FUNNY! Thanks for the post. I really appreciate it. Bad puppy for chewing! I almost got rid of our dog Coby several times because of the things he does/did. I always wondered why people could do such a thing! Now I know. I still have a bad relationship with him! If I were an evil Stepmother he would be the stepchild!