Monday, August 24, 2009

Girls Camp

So Girls Camp was a few weeks ago and being a young Womens leader I had the opportunity to go. It was a good week full of hiking, swimming and singing camp songs (over and over again :) The other really good thing about camp was that Stewart was able to go with us. We needed a good priesthood leader and he was able to go for a few days. I really enjoyed having him there and I think everyone else did too!

One of the girls' favorite things to do was hear all of the leaders "love" stories. This one (told by brother Madson) seemed to go on for a looonngg time... well he did spend 3 years chasing his wife :)
On our hike we seemed to split into two groups... the ones who walked incredibly fast and the rest of us who walked at a human pace. I was one of the human ones (of course) but it was actually fun to see the girls who enjoyed the hike. This is Lacie Teske, the bishop's daughter. She was soo cute on the hike. She just loved to find and hold little bugs or plants along the way.

While we were at camp we worked on a humanitarian aid project making baby hats to take to the hospital. During our certifying and "singing" times Stewart just picked up a hat in progress and started working away. It was cute to see him in the rocking chair knitting a baby hat. When he was done he was so proud!

Working hard....
A masterpiece!!!

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