Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Blessing in Rexburg

This weekend we were able to go to Rexburg for my little nephew's baby blessing. It was fun to be with all our family and have the excitement of a brand new little baby. Congrats to Jason and Cheryll and their brand new baby boy. This weekend made me so excited to have our own baby... now we really can't wait!!

Proud Parents!

The new family, the grandparents, and the great-grandparents.

My Daddy and his momma.... too much alike... too cute!

Grandpa Funk and Daniel (Daniel and Daniel)

The Jensen side of the sisters (minus Dorothy!!)

Cheryll's little sisters Erin Faye and Tiffany. While the grown ups were busy fawning over the baby and taking pictures some of the kids got bored. Thanks to the immense amount of rain that was coming down in Rexburg on Sunday there was a plentiful amount of snails!! I didn't know that we had snails that big around here... but the little girls found them... a whole lot of them!!!
So like I said earlier, some of the kids got bored... including me and Stewart. This church was a fun one though... it had poles, and we had a camera ;) I didn't post our pole dancing pictures (I'll save those for when I need some serious blackmail :) just kidding. But we did have a little bit of fun. With my hilarious little brother as our photographer we had our own little photo shoot. Between Jon and Stewart, we had some pretty good laughs and a lot of fun!!

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