Saturday, August 1, 2009

More of the Little Things...

Life is full of the little things. Big or small, the good things in life really start to add up and make you see how lucky you really are! During my short break between semesters of school a lot of good little things have happened. I am truly blessed and glad to be able to have such a great life!

On the Sunday we went to Hazelton for Blair & Lanae Gerratt's mission farewell we went out to Dietrich afterwards. We took the hidden valley route and ran into a stampede!! I always have to take pictures when we get caught in the middle of people moving animals... The freak inside me finds it terribly exciting! This was even more exciting considering we were in the middle of nowhere and the scenery was starting to all look the same... so this really made me excited :)

Our first cherry tomato from our little plant on the porch. I'm surprised they are still growing! My flowers are fried since the sun beats down on them from 12 to dark! We still have tons of these little bugers growing!!

So this isn't really a small thing... it's kinda like the topper of my summer. Stewart planned a surprise for me a few weekends ago, and I couldn't figure out what he was up to (but don't think I didn't try my hardest :) Since we don't plan on taking a real vacation anytime soon and school is soon to start again, my wonderful husband thought it would be nice to just get away from our house for a night. He always talked about just spending a night together in a hotel here in Twin to give us the feeling of a vacation. Well we stoped at Wendy's first to get some dinner then we went on our vacation!! I was totally surprised when he pulled into the parking lot of the red Lion Hotel! There were flowers and sparkling cider waiting in the room for me! It was a great surprise and it even felt like we were on a real vacation!!

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