Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fair time = fun time! (and LOTS of pictures!!

So these last few weekends have been pretty fun for us. We love going to the fair and had the opportunity to do that quite a bit in the past two weeks. The Twin Falls county fair came and we had to make this one better than last year.... which has a bit of a story to it.... last year I "dumped" Stewart after our fair date. I wasn't ready to get married, have babies etc... (so I thought then :). So this year we had a WAY better time! We went to the alligator show, the hypnotist show, rode the ferris wheel, and ate mini doughnuts!
It was WAY better than last year ;)

Look!! No hands!!
At the hypnotist show one of the girls that got hypnotized was one of our Ward's young Women. the girl on the right (Keisha) was hilarious. At this point he's getting ready to turn them all back to normal and have them remember all the crazy things they did, but right here they were being SO dissapointed because they spent $1,000 to be in the show and they were convinced that it was HORRIBLE! Keisha is pretty sassy anyways so this was pretty funny.

And here they are remembering all the crazy things they've done
(including shaking their booty's relentlessly :)

Us on the Ferris Wheel!!! (kinda scary!)

We also were able to go to the Eastern Idaho State fair. I have never been before and Wally was showing cows, so we thought we would take the opportunity to go check it out and see why Wally really likes cow shows. It was fun to see him get excited over cleaning up the cows (and cleaning up after them ;) He did a great job showing the cows he was assigned (even though he got all of the "crazy" cows :)

This made me see just how much alike Spencer and Wally are.... they really act alike!
He is such a cutie! (Here's a perfect example of one of his orneryer cows :)
This is just a cute picture I snapped of the Haven Maid Dairy men. All four of them were leaning up against the fence watching the judging, but thanks to the bald guy I couldn't get a very good shot of all four. But I still thought this was priceless.

So... somehow, Stewart got pulled into this job.... After the cows are all cleaned up for the show they're REALLY careful to keep them clean (including catching and wiping crap :) So they knew this cow was getting ready to take a crap and they pulled Stewart into doing the dirty deed of catching... look at the pictures below... they are GREAT!!! Made me laugh so hard!
...Still waiting for it...
Oh no!!! Here it comes!! (notice the guy standing next to him... not helping at all :)

So this is how I know Stewart will be completely capable of changing diapers... I think diaper duty will be a piece of cake compared to this ;)
And look! he knows how to wipe it clean too! Poor guy... but it's still funny :)I don't even think he knew I was watching this whole sequence, but when he was done he turned around and smiled at me... I just happened to have the camera in my hot little hands... This is not a posed picture:)
At the Twin Falls County fair I was reminded how scary ferris wheels are. They are really tippy and open and at some points in the circle it feels a little scary. So at the Eastern Idaho Fair we had to ride this gondola thingy. It was a lot higher but not as scary... and it seemed to be a lot shorter of a ride.

Look at the rides... at at how many people aren't at the fair yet.... by the time we got off the gondola and were on our way back to the cow barns we literally had to fight our way through the oncoming crowd! Made me glad we went early and left mid-afternoon!!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Those are some hillarious pictures of him cleaning up after the cows, that is so gross:)