Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July

We had such a great fourth of July this year. It was kinda chill and really a great day. We started out EARLY by going to Dietrich for the Scout's pancake breakfast. The pancakes were REALLY good and probably the best thing I've eaten in weeks! It was pretty windy and the makeshift pavilion (a round piece of plywood screwed onto the top of two two by fours and squeezed between two tables) kept blowing down, which ultimately made for some pretty great entertainment. After breakfast Stewart, Hank and Omar played in the three on three basketball tournament put on by the school. They lost their first game, their second game, but luckily won the third game. It was a fairly close one, and it's a good thing they won, because they played the girls team :) We grabbed some lunch at the Merc, (something we had to let Omar experience) then headed home. I got a FABULOUS nap in and Stewart got a much needed shower.

We planned on going to my Grandpa Funks for our annual fireworks show and wasn't sure if anyone was bringing any food. So we decided to stock up just in case. I decided to make rice crispy treats and brownies (and take a watermelon just in case). So my first batch of rice crispys I burned terribly, but luckily had some extra marshmallows in the cupboard. I think I made the BEST rice crispy treats I have ever made!! Everyone loved them!! Including Omar!! We dragged him to Gooding with us to enjoy our spectacular fireworks show and all the way there he snacked on a pan of those tasty treats! So we got to Gooding a little early and decided to break Omar into another small town specialty, roller coaster road! For some reason that road can make people have a good time! :) So we went to my parents house (to wait for dark) and ended up playing the wii and watching a movie. Finally about a quarter to ten we headed into town and braced ourselves for the AMAZING fireworks show. We had SO many fireworks!! And my uncle Tony brought his infamous illegal fireworks that always STEAL the show! They were SO great! My grandpa's house is in the perfect spot too, we could see about 4 different fireworks shows around us! Hank and Mekala stopped by too and we had a good ol time with everyone! The cutest part of the whole night was watching the boys (and mostly Stewart) run to light fireworks and run away from them. Poor Stewart choose some innappropriate footware for this event.... Have you ever tried to sprint in Flip flops? :) It was a good show :)

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