Monday, July 27, 2009


In the past few weeks we have had a ton of family come and visit and we have been bouncing between Dietrich, Twin Falls, and Gooding. We loved seeing everyone we haven't seen in ages! Stewart's aunt Shanon and her family came and visited for a week. We loved playing cards with them. They are the true Napoleon competitors! Stewart's sister in law Debi also came. She brought her two girls Loni and Ada. They were so much fun to have here! Me and Stewart got to adopt Loni for an evening and took her to the little kids rodeo in Shoshone. She loved walking around looking at the animals and playing the games. She was a cutie. Unfortunately I forgot my camera but I snapped a quick picture when we were getting ready to leave. Stewart had thrown Loni on top of the car and she knew exactly how to pose :)

What a model!
Here is Stew Loni and Ada just being silly. Ada is riding in the play shopping cart.

On my side of the family, my cousin Stephani came with her two daughters Gracie and Annabell. It was fun to see them again too! Gracie is such a cute girl and so full of energy! Everytime I pulled ot the camera she posed for it! It was too cute!

Like mother like daughter!

Gracie became bolder around my parent's "puppy" dog buddy... he's a holy terror! But was lots of fun to play with! I'm not sure what Gracie is doing here.... uh... mom?? :)
What a Cutie!

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