Monday, June 29, 2009


This last weekend we took a trip with Stewart's family to Yellowstone. We had a great time and got to see lots of neat things. The first picture is of me n Stew at Mesa falls. This was a really neat place. Walking down to the falls the river looks like it just disappears, but as you get closer there are these beautiful falls. It was a nice place to stop and walk around.

This is a picture of one of the Elk we saw. This was right on the side of the road! It was really neat to see it up close like that! Stewart took about nine billion pictures (he was practicing for his debut as a professional photographer :) This is a really cool picture though... Good job honey.

Here we are in Yellowstone park at the Yellowstone Grand Canyon. It was really pretty to see the water and the yellowed rock from the sulfur.

Here is Loni and I pulling one of our silly faces. We got to ride in the Yukon together a bunch and had tons of fun looking for animals, learning about Yellowstone, and taking silly pictures. It was good to have the time to really get to know Loni, Debbie and Ada better!

Here we are at Old Faithful!! This was the day that it seemed to be raining all day long, and also seemed to be the day we wanted to get out and look at all the neat things. It was kinda hard to see the faithful geyser against a gray sky, but it was neat. We have Ada in this picture.... this will be what it's like in about a year for us.... we'll have our own cute little baby to pack around :)

I love this picture!! We went to the gift Shop at old faithful and they had a lot of neat things. We bought some mugs and had a hard time picking which ones we wanted. We thought we were going to get these ones, but it was clear that if we got these mugs we would have to get these motorcycle caps :) what a cute husband I have!

Here is Ada wearing Loni's coon skin cap... she was such a cutie the whole trip!

Here's one of the bears we saw. It was right across this river!! It was neat it romped around a bit and overturned a stump to get the bugs from the bottom! Way cool.

Here we are in Jackson Hole at the famous antler arch. We managed to get our own picture that turned out really good! This was one of the coolest things in Jackson Hole!

So I was pretty sick most of the trip. It was probably a combination of a wacky eating schedule, lots of time in a car, and being pregnant :) This is how me and Loni made the most of it on the way home.

We had a really fun time, but like all vacations, it's good to be home and sleep in our own bed... (our own king-size bed at that :)

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