Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Sooo.... here's the news you've all been waiting for!! Yes indeed the Binghams are expecting!! I am almost six weeks along now and doing great! Me and Stewart are SOO excited!! I hope it's a boy first, and Stew hopes it will be twin black boys (sorry honey... not gonna happen :) As far as my "morning" sickness... it comes at night (when it does). Most nights I feel ok, but if I eat some certain things (like chocolate or pickles for example) it sets it off and I'm done for. But it's all worth it! We are so excited to be parents!


  1. Congrats again. We are totally excited for you two. You will make such good parents. Good luck with the pregnancy and hope the morning sickness doesn't get bad.


    The PA Binghams

    P.S. this is the time you can request to be totally pampered by stewart!!!

  2. Oh You guys....WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I told Brooke that Juniel is going to have a baby her response was "Stewart is going to have a baby too"!!! What a little smartie pants!!! She loves you guys.... Anyways....CONGRATS!!!!