Thursday, September 3, 2015

Family Pictures Spring 2015

We got our Family pictures done this spring by my Friend Hailey Dixon.  She did such a great job, I love them!  Of course, everytime we have family pictures a million things aren't going our way (the wind was blowing, one kid fell asleep on the drive over, another demanded a snack before they would cooperate).... but such is life.  We still got some pretty good shots! 
 Brogan is such a handsome little man!  He just turned 4, and he's such a big boy!
 Addison turned 5 in January, and she's growing up to be quite the little lady (with just enough Sass to be her Mother's child)

 This is my favorite picture of all-time.  My perfect little family.

 These three are such good buddies.  Addison and Brogan have always treated Cash SO well.  In fact, a few weeks ago I was talking to my mom.  I said, "When do you think the 'newness' of Cash will wear off and they'll start treating him like they treat each other."  My Mom said, "Maybe he's just so special that they will always treat him like he is."  She didn't know how right she would be.

Cash fell asleep in the car on the very {so very} short drive to our photo shoot.  We took as many pictures of the other kids and Stew and I before we woke him up.  It ended up in Cash not being his normal happy self for pictures.  Even though these pictures do his personality little justice, he's still one handsome little dude!

Such handsome boys I have!
These three are my world!

Special buddies.
My Baby boy.
Our traditional "Don't look" picture!

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  1. These pictures are beautiful! I love Cash's sweet little cheeks, and all of your bright blue eyes. What a beautiful eternal family. Love you guys!