Monday, March 16, 2015

2014 Fair and Parade

We all Love Fair and rodeo time!

 Gooding has one of the best Rodeos around!  (And our parade is pretty cool too!)

 Our Gang at the parade!
 The kids had fun riding rides this year.  This was the first year they were really tall enough to go on a few things.  They absolutely loved it!
 Cash was even happy the whole night! (even though it was past his bed time, and we ended up walking home in the rain!) :)
 Addison was even tall enough to ride 1 of the big kid rides!  Can't wait till she's a little taller so she can go on everything with me!

 At the rodeo the announcer told everyone to take a selfie.  Ours was photobombed by the one and only Barry Dalton.  I absolutely LOVE this picture.  It's one of my favorites of me and Stewart.  Real Life and True Love :)

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