Monday, March 16, 2015

Preschool 2014-15

Since I watch Weston and Paisley 3 mornings a week, I decided to teach them all preschool.  It helps me keep a little sanity to our morning, and it's been a great experience for them (and I) to do some learning!  They work in a few different preschool/kindergarten age workbooks that focus on letters, numbers, colors, matching, rhyming, cutting, coloring, counting..... the list goes on and on!  We've been trying to learn a new letter each week, how to write it, what it says, and be able to recognize it.  (It's now March)  and we've gotten through the whole alphabet!  I'm proud to say that Weston and Addison know their whole alphabet, can write the majority of the letters pretty dang good, and know what most letters say.  They are totally ready for kindergarten this fall!  And to top that Brogan and Paisley know a TON of things a pre-preschooler wouldn't know! 

Everyday we do the pledge of allegiance, days of the week, the weather, and review of colors, numbers or alphabet stuff.

Aside from all the "serious" learning we do, I've tried really hard to incorporate FUN and crafts into school. Here are some of our funnest days (when I remember to take pictures!)

Made Birthday Hats for Grandpa Funk's birthday party (we even made a whole bunch for the adults)
 We found an awesome caterpillar on one of our nature walks
 We work hard coloring and writing in our workbooks
 We go to story time on Thursdays.  This week we got to go to the Fire station!
 We made monsters at Halloween.  I covered boxes and cut out all sorts of shapes and the kids....
 Created their own, very unique monsters.  I LOVED their creativity!
 This is a normal day at school
 Sometimes I even plan fun snacks to go along with the theme (if we have one).  These go along with our halloween theme- monster mouths!
 We talked about birds and nests, and built our own nests.
 We learned about the pilgrims and Indians and made head dresses
 (and got to wear war paint!!)
 We made turkeys

 We made a thankful tree.  Everyday each person got to write something they were thankful for on a leaf and stick it on the tree.  I love their things they're thankful for.  They really thought about some of these!

 We learned about caterpillars and how they turn into butterflies.
 We talked about clouds and rain and snow.  We did a cloud experiement with shaving cream, and ate a cloud snack (vanilla wafers and whipped cream)

 We've finger painted on tin foil.... and SO many other things!!
 Currently (In March) we are learning sight words!  These kids already know a ton of sight words!  They are so smart and I'm so proud of them all!!

(Lately Little Cashie has wanted to join in on the school fun.  he makes his way to "his spot" almost everyday!)

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