Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cash the Flash

Cash got his nickname "Cash the Flash" because he seems to always be moving when we're trying to snap a picture (and his daddy loved to put him in this onesie) 
 Cash is a happy, easy-going baby who loves EVERYTHING around him!  He rolls with the punches, loves the attention he gets from his older siblings (even though sometimes it can be pretty rough) and loves to be moving.
 Cash went through a short stage where he tried to make a "cheese face".  Here are a few shots of that.  Too cute for words!

 Cash loves to eat!  He wants a bite of everything (and if he really likes it he wants his own!)
 Even when things don't happen like they should, he doesn't get mad- just makes the best of the situation.  ....Like the spilled cheerios.

 He even shared with his besties. It was quite the time.
 Potato salad is another favorite.  He doesn't even need a spoon!

 Cash already loves to color.  If he finds a crayon or pencil lying around in the office he's hard at work coloring someone else's paper :)

Can't believe how fast Cash is growing! 

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