Friday, December 27, 2013

The Parade of Lights

 This year we went to the parade of lights in Twin Falls.  The kids LOVE any type of Christmas lights, and this was just as cool as ever!  We all bundled up warm (even though the kids' toes got cold) and enjoyed the freezing cold weather and light parade.

 Thumbs up!
 We didn't know they would be handing out candy, so by the end of the parade our pockets were stuffed!  We also didn't know they would be handing out HDMI cables... especially to 2 1/2 year olds ;)  Brogan was just as surprised to get this as we were to see it in his hand haha!
 I loved this train!  SO cool!
 Both kids are faithful parade "wavers".  I love it!
 Dad and kids.
Brogan and Addison loved the fire truck!  It was a big one, and Santa was on the front!  (Even though Addison was a little suspicious of how many Santa's there were in this parade...) ;)
 After it was over we warmed up the car, got into some nice warm jammies and got some nice warm hot chocolate.
 Everyone loves hot chocolate!

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