Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Laundry Room Re-Vamp

This spring I decided our Laundry room was in serious need of an organization solution.
I have this huge laundry room, but to get to the half bath or the porch you have to walk through it (and it's RIGHT off the kitchen and looks terrible!)

This was the daily "pile-up" of my laundry room (and some days it was even worse).

Something had to be done.
 I started by painting all my trim white.

 Then I painted the walls and ceiling.

I still need to paint my doors (eventually going to do them all black), and add some molding to the trim going into the kitchen, but other than that, a completely different room! 
 Oh yes... Do you like my basket "shelf" I built?  Did that (almost) all by myself.  Cut the plywood, stained it, and just needed some help holding it together to screw it all together.  It was one of those one-night projects that I just couldn't wait to get over with!
The Finished product!  No more baskets in front of the doors!  And I LOVE it! 

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