Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Brogan turns TWO!

This year for Brogan's birthday we had a huge birthday bash at Grandma Bingham's house.  We had the whole family there to celebrate Lindy and Brogan's birthday.  Little did we know that later that night Lindy would have her new little boy Bridger!  Now all three share the St. Patty's Birthday.

We had dinner then decided to open presents before cake to let our food settle. Brogan was NOT having that!  He wanted CAKE! (And he didn't want to sit in the baby chair! ;)  
 So we enjoyed cake and ice cream before presents

Brogan wanted an Elmo and Cookie Monster cake this year.
(Note to self... when frosting be sure to finish the top first... that way if you run out of color you don't have to worry about not getting it dark enough the second go around)
This guy loved the cake!

 Brogan had lots of help opening presents... he didn't mind....
...too much
 What do you get when you turn 2 years old??
-New shoes! 
-A train set
  and a Piggy Bank.  (Plus a ton more cars, trains, and clothes)
 Aunt JoAnna- too pretty.

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