Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Phone Pictures 2012

I don't always have my high quality camera handy, but I ALWAYS have my phone close by.  I never get around to uploading them to the computer... till now!  Here's a longish look at our summer/fall 2012 as my phone saw it.
Hmm... wonder where Brogan got this idea. ;)
 Playing in the park in the Canyon.  
 I ditched the blond once again, and chopped my hair.  I think I'm sticking with dark...
 I got a pretty sweet tan this summer.....and rolled my ankle while messing around at VB practice... which required a trip to the ER for pain killers and X-Rays.  Too bad we had to pay all that money just to find out it was only a sprain!
 I got rid of my flower couch (given to us by Stewart's mom).  It was a bittersweet departure.
 We worked with Indy a little bit.  She wasn't the nicest thing, and even chased Stewart around the pasture once ;)
 Grandpa Jensen's antique stuff won big at the fair.  Best of Fair!
 GHS Volleyball put on a little carnival fundraiser.  Addison got to race a fish, and keep the contestant!
 ...and they played ALL the games.... 
Emmett finally got a much needed hair cut.  (Doesn't he look soooo young?!)
 We worked at Grandpa Jensen's house

 Stewart went to the United Dairymen's Conference to work the vendor booth for Vantage.  I was lucky enough to go with him.  I got to go shopping (KID FREE), eat awesome food, and share a hotel room for the night.  I enjoyed the little minni-vacation with him.
 Brogan... continues to make messes.  (BTW- I hadn't even yelled at him.  I just said "Brogan?!") That is Cetaphil lotion (everywhere).

 We did several paper plate painting projects.  (Brogan thinks he needs to be part of art ;)
 Addison is FULLY potty trained and only has accidents occasionally.  Brogan is aspiring to become potty trained.  He will tell me AFTER he's pottied in his diaper that he indeed, needs to go potty.  It's a good start though.  I'll take it.
 Addison- the little cowgirl was riding her horse, then suddenly jumped off and yelled, "I need to MILK MA HORSE!"  Then she started singing, "MILKIN, MILKIN, MILKIN!"
 We went to a pizza party at CSI.  (It was a big hype for these two because they got to test out their costumes)
 While working at Grandma & Grandpa Jensen's the kids found a HUGE caterpillar on the bridge.  It was FASCINATING!  The kids, JoAnna, and Grandma spent a good amount of time screaming, laughing, and crying while they looked, held, and repeatedly dropped the caterpillar.
We bought a piano!  I'm excited to be able to play again, and maybe even teach some piano lessons this fall!

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