Monday, June 18, 2012

Goodbye BBQ

Before Antonio left we had a little goodbye BBQ for him.  It was just us, some family, and a couple of his friends.
These are all exchange students (there were probably even more) that went to Gooding.  What a great group of kids!  
 Addison and her new-found, new-favorite, cousin Lizzie.
 Antonio opening his going away gifts.  My mom made him an awesome picture book of his time spent here.
 After the BBQ, the kids were SO dirty.  I told Stewart to start the bathtub so we could strip them down and throw them in.  A little later I was showing off the house and came into the bathroom to find this!
Two fully clothed, fully diapered kids had jumped in the tub!  Stewart had started the tub, but forgot about the "stripping them down" part! What goof balls!
{out of order. eh.}
The Popes.  (Clive was Antonio's Sunday School teacher and did a great job of making him feel welcome)
 My cousin Tomi and her daughter Lizzy.
 All the exchange students and Kelsey.
 The Odells
I didn't take pictures of everyone (people came in shifts, and I only got the camera out once).  It was a great party.  Thanks to all that came.  I know Antonio was glad to see you one last time!

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