Monday, June 25, 2012


Have you ever been to a church meeting where there is this family with two small kids, and for whatever reason, they can not be kept entertained.  The kids are running up and down the isle, screaming, and throwing a temper tantrum when a hand goes over their squawking mouth?  You've seen the people I'm talking about.  Yup.  We are those people.  Normally my kids are SO wound up during sacrament meeting.  I have literally tried EVERYTHING to keep them quiet, but we always end up roaming the halls as soon as the sacrament is over.  It's also become a tradition for the nearest mother {usually with grown children} to tell me "what worked for them", or to make snide remarks such as "your mommy is so much nicer than me.  I'd have smothered you by now"{in a baby voice, but totally true}.  So this Sunday was one worthy of a blog post.  That's right, these Bingham kids stayed in sacrament meeting, {mostly} in our pew, with minimal crying/screaming/laughing/shouting!  It was like a dream to actually be IN the chapel for once!

I'm not counting on it happening every week, but hey- we're getting there baby!
(And never did I think there would be a time in my life that this would be such a huge accomplishment in my book!)  :)

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