Monday, June 18, 2012

The Big Back Yard REVEAL!

We've been enjoying the work we've been putting into our back yard, and it's safe to say we're pretty close to done with projects (for this summer anyway).  
(This is probably the best "before" I've got- you can see the grass is all tore up, and we're getting ready for the sod).
And here's an After.  Look- the bush is gone!  This spot will be my future strawberry bed.
another "before".
 Another (half way) "before".  We did the sod in two parts.  This day we were getting ready to lay round two.
 This is the pile of Junk we've accumulated since the beginning of our adventures.  The big bushes we ripped out, a broken tree branch, and the old stair boards.  (This pile was here for about a month, so it's monumental that we have a "before" for it).  :)
 Ta-Da!  Brand new steps and new edged flower beds (complete with flowers!)
 We added some flowers to this side of the house to make it more cozy (it used to be creepy and spidery).  We also added some planks so I can chase the kids to the garage without having to walk on these awful little red cinders (they do it, but it hurts me too bad!)
 Look!  My garden!  Hopefully the birds don't eat all my stuff! (and the row there is for my raspberry starts I'll be getting soon!)
 Just a nice shot of our back yard.  I LOVE being out here now, and so do the kiddos.  We've eaten outside almost every day of the week!
 Remember that awful pile we had?  GONE!  It's now dedicated to sunbathing, and drinking carbonated beverages :)
 If you're ever in town, be sure to stop by and have some lemonade on the patio with us!  Your kids can swim in the kiddie pool, and we'll BBQ something good, just for you! :)


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  2. Wow, it all looks great, and done in year 1! I am in year 25 and am "just" getting the grass done. Sigh... The lounge chairs look great right there! So glad your yard is nice. :) Love you!