Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Upstairs bathroom... check it out

You may be wondering what the heck I've been spending my time on these days.  Upstairs Bathroom.  Our new house was honestly quite move in ready.  New paint, carpet, and flooring.  Everything was fairly clean, except the upstairs bathroom.  There were crap in the drawers, the shelves had an old, yucky, VERY dirty, {floral on top of all that} contact paper that was peeling, and the wall texture was that awful popcorn stuff{very tall popcorn}.  

My initial plan was to just paint the insides of the cabinets, and maybe the walls.  Then my friend Jaime Williams re-textured her basement, and raved about how simple it was.  That got me thinking, why not!?  So  new plan, which included scraping and sanding down the popcorn, {Thanks Stewart and Antonio!}

{This was a dirty job}
When we moved in a light in this fixture was burnt out.  Like good new home owners, we decided to replace the bulb.  Too bad it wasn't a low enough wattage.  That puppy wasn't in longer than five minutes before it heated the glass cover to bursting point!  {That's glass on the floor there}  Good thing Stewart was still on the stool attempting to take off the doors.... another awesome story.
This should be how you take off cabinet doors right?
 How bout when they look like this?!?!  Who ever painted this did such an awful job!  They just painted over everything, including hardware!  I googled how to remove these.  We tried paint thinner {and a fine while later decided my brain cells were far too sensitive for that}.  We ended up melting the paint with a blow torch.
It worked, but left me with a pain in the butt sanding job!
After I "mopped" the walls clean, I began my texturing extravaganza!  It was kinda fun, and made a HUGE difference!  {The left is the sanded popcorn, the right is new texture}.
 After letting the texture dry for 24 hours {it's so hot in that bathroom, it was actually pretty dry within the hour it was on}, but 24 hours later, I began my priming.  Primed the whole bathroom.
 After the prime dried, I began painting.  I didn't want the whole bathroom white {because that's lame sauce}.  This is the kids' bathroom, so I wanted a splash of color, but wanted to keep it bright and neutral.  I also wanted it to be fresh and fun, and have a sort of beachy feel to it, so I went with some bold, fun colors.
 As  of now, I have all the walls, cabinets, and doors painted, and I've finished putting the contact paper on the shelves!  I hope to paint the counter tops and medicine cabinet, { but probably not till Antonio leaves}.  As soon as Stewart gets the doors on, and I get some of my decorations hung up I'll do the big bathroom reveal!  I'm so stinkin excited that it's almost done!

AND... here's a sneak peak into another {almost} completed house project we've been working on... ;)

Have I mentioned that I LOVE owning my own home?!

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