Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Antonio goes to Prom!

So a few weeks ago I asked Antonio if he wanted to go to prom {which made me so excited!}  He said no.    I even tried to really, really convince him that he needed to experience it.  He still said no.  About a week before prom, Celene Nino (the girl I suggested he ask to the prom) needed a last minute date.  So she asked Antonio.  {YAY!}  His mom told him just to buy a nice suit, so he and Stew went shopping!  
Don't they look nice together?
 Addison and Brogan wanted nothing to do with Grand March.  {And Addison refused to take any decent pictures}.  {Someday Addison, you'll look back and think -'why was I always such a pill?!?'}
Addison and Trey
 Their group went to dinner in Twin Falls, then to the dance!
 My other cousin Ryan and his date. 
 Celene's dress was gorgeous!  The theme this year was "a Touch of Class at Midnight Bay".  They did an AWESOME shiny paper on the floor to look like water, and a dock for a run way.  SO Great compared to the over done red carpet!
 {Addison REALLY wanted to run around at her own free will and choice}
 They also had this really neat boat and moon.  Just a really well done prom!
 They looked really well together.  Although it did shock me when Antonio walked through the door at ten o'clock.  No one really stayed at the dance, so they came home early!  {Not like I remember!}  I couldn't get enough of high school dances!  (although I was somewhat of a wild child ;)

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