Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Easter pictures

So I thought I posted a ton of pictures on the previous post, but as I scrolled through the pictures on my computer, I still had a whole bunch that I wanted on the blog.  So here's more of our Easter.  Enjoy.
 Lizzie, my cousin Tomi's daughter.

Antonio.  What a good kid he is!
                                                                                                             (This is how he looked for eggs ;)

 My Mom and her dad (check out the stache he's rockin'!)  What a cute Grandpa I have!
 Addison and Trey (she really loves Trey!)
 My cute parents!
A sweet picture of Addison egg hunting. 
 Lizzie knew this would make a cute picture ;)

 Aunt JoAnna helped Brogie hunt all his eggs!  (What a good aunt she is!)

Me, Brogan, and my aunt Chris.
 Brogan and Grandpa Jensen
 Antonio had to find his Easter basket (just like everyone else ;)
 My parent's on Easter morning.

 Addison was so thrilled when she found an Easter basket waiting for her at Grandma Bingham's!

 Showin some sibling love!

Grandpa Bingham with his three local Grandkids!
 Another picture of Brogan at the park.
 Antonio proving he's just an athlete.  period.
 Isn't this the sweetest picture of Ali and Lindy?!?  I LOVE it!  
Two gorgeous girls!
 Brogan found out there was candy in the eggs... yummm!!

Uncle Spencer and his beautiful Mom!
 Stewart's cute parents! 
These pictures were just too good.  I had to share them.  Hope you enjoyed them!

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