Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter 2012

This year for Easter we began our festivities on Saturday night with an Easter feast at Grandpa Funk's house.  We had a great Easter egg hunt outside.  The weather was nice, not too bright, perfect for taking pictures of my sweet little babies!
Addison LOVED hunting eggs, and has a surprisingly good eye for the hiders!  Grandpa Funk always hides some eggs that are worth a little bit of money. Addison did really good, and found the ones with the "Mexican money".  Perfect for her very own wallet ;)
 Brogan was just happy to be outside.  He's just at the right age to take good pictures of him.  He's not too fast, and likes when I act all silly trying to make him laugh.

 Aunt JoAnna found an old, old, emu egg.  (Ummm... how much is that egg worth?!)
 Our perfect little family.  
Easter 2012
 On Sunday my parents came over before church to bring the kids their Easter baskets.  Their Easter bunny brought them kites!  (And clothes and candy too).  Then after church we headed out to Dietrich.  On the way Addison got to eat a Peep... which she shoved ALL the way in her mouth.  Awesome.

 Grandma Bingham reading Addison her story the Easter bunny brought her!  Grandma Bingham's Easter bunny brought the kids a GIANT sheep coloring book, their very own scriptures, candy, and even hid eggs in the house!
 After dinner we went for a little walk to the park.  It was such a gorgeous day!
 Addison enjoyed the swings
 and the slide.
 Brogan really liked that he was allowed to play in the rocks (as long as he didn't eat them)!
 Some of Stewart's cousins were there, and they got this toy plane stuck in a tree.  Antonio climbed the tree like it was nothing, and ended up getting the plan down with a really long stick.  What a kid!  He also played football for the first time, and was pretty darn good!
 Addison wanted to play football too.  She wasn't so great ;)
 Addison, Brogan, Ali.  These guys all love each other, and have fun together!  It's nice that my kids can have at least one cousin close!  They sure miss all the other cousins!
We also dyed eggs for the first time, which didn't seem to be so bad!  Pictures of that to come!

Addison is getting older, and boy is she smart.  I told her the story of Jesus being resurrected, and even though she doesn't really understand all that it means, she's beginning to understand, and that's what's important.  It's amazing.  When you have children you  get to simplify the things that you know, and try to teach them to someone else. It amazes me how much I learn when I try to teach my kids!

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  1. What cute cute pictures! Glad you had a great Easter!