Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A February, March, April 2012 catch up Session

We taught Antonio to cook eggs! (and do laundry, and wash dishes).  He's going to be self sufficient when he goes home in two short months! {This was taken like the day after we moved in!}
 Brogan always makes me share my popsicle, but this is always the face he pulls!  Too cold!
{p.s.- look at that boy's hair!  He's SO much different with a hair cut!}

 These two are nuts together!
 We got a {real} babysitter, and headed out to dinner and the hunger games with my parents, JoAnna, Antonio, and each of their friends!  It was a fun night!
 Waiting for the show to start with my beautiful Momma!
 I was able to get away with my Mom and JoAnna during spring break to go on a shopping spree!  It was so nice to have the day without diaper bags, snack cups, diaper changes, and whiny kids!  We literally spent a WHOLE day in Twin shopping (and I actually bought clothes for myself!)  Such a fun day.
 Lately Addison thinks Brogan is big enough to rough house.  (Technically he is, but still... come on Sis!)
(This is not Brogan's favorite game btw)...
 Antonio's Mom sent us a package from Brasil!  The kids each got these cute hooded towels, gorgeous embrodered towels, and two pairs of flip flops each!
 She also sent sandals for my Mom, my Dad, and ME!  She is so awesome!  I LOVE these sandals!  I wear them EVERYDAY.  They are so comfortable, and I seem to get so much done when I'm wearing them!
 Addison is signing "I LOVE YOU" to Antonio's mom.
 Antonio holding my friend Kathryne's baby.  She is only a couple of weeks old.  When I asked him if he wanted to hold her, he said, "I don't know".  I made him hold her, and I think he enjoyed it.  He's so good with kids, you almost wouldn't believe he's an only child!
 Check out our newest display. I've been scouring the thrift stores for these big frames that I can paint and hang the kids' art in.  Eventually I'll have another section of wall with some of these too... just gotta keep finding these awesome old frames!
There's SO much more that I've missed as I've, once again, been slacking in the documenting department. I might have a few more random posts coming, so hold on to your hat! ;)

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