Tuesday, February 21, 2012


See this big, grated gate.  It's been working hard to keep Brogan off his favorite place in the house -the stairs.
See how it's now tilted off the stairs? Yup, looks like this gate has met his match.
The eleven month old Brogster has gotten the best of this silly gate.  
  We haven't had a roll-down yet, so I guess we'll just keep our eye on him and hope he doesn't have to learn the hard way!
 "Hi Mom!" from the top of the stairs.  He slides down on his belly now, one stair at a time.
 Look at this little rebel.  Making a break for it!  I just can't keep this kid off the stairs!
Brogan has spent the day climbing and descending the stairs.  I'm pretty sure he's a bit worn out, he's on nap number two right now!  Silly boy!

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