Tuesday, November 1, 2011


...they say is the best medicine. Well I'm a believer. Both of my kids are SO silly! I spend so much of my time laughing with them. I remember years ago, my Mom told me that when my oldest brother Jason was a baby she'd just lay on the floor and laugh and laugh with him. I thought she must've just been one of those weird crazy ladies! But now that I have two hoodlems of my own, I understand, and often find myself doing the same! I hope my kids will never lose their ability to laugh, and always have their tickle spots.

Brogan got to ride home from Uncle Jon's farewell dinner. (Grandma forgot the car seats). He laughed all the way home!
Addison the gnome making Daddy laugh!
Brogan loves bath time! He splashes and laughs and just enjoys the whole thing!
Addison is nuts about binkis! Silly Girl!
Brogan laughing with Great Grandpa Funk!
Addison "sewing". (She kept tangling the thread around the footer. She thought it was so cool!)
Addison and I were both wearing headbands one night. Addison didn't want Brogie to be left out, so she brought him his own. He didn't mind.

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