Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This month is always a good reminder to be Thankful for all the Blessings we have. I know that far too often I focus on the things I want instead of the things that I have right in front of me. Each day I'll post something I'm thankful for and why. It's always good to count your Blessings, and journal them too!

~Day 1~
Words can not express how Thankful I am for Stewart. He puts up with so much crap from me! He deserves so much better, but I'm glad he loves me for who I am. I can talk to him about ANYTHING. He listens and makes me feel better. I love that he pushes me to be better. He honors his Priesthood, and takes his church callings seriously. He is an AMAZING Father, and loves our kids. I don't think I've ever seen another man help so much with his kids. Sometimes I may complain, or rant and rave, but this man means the world to me! I am SO glad I met him, and overcame my "not getting married" phase. I am also SO glad that he "took me back" after I told him I was in a "not getting married" phase. He is an Awesome person, and the love of my life. He keeps me laughing, and always treats me like a queen. I Love you Stewart! I'm glad we have an eternity together!
ALWAYS keeps me laughing! LOL!

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