Wednesday, November 30, 2011


....No not as in the red stuff you eat hot dogs with.... but more like CATCH-UP! I'm SO behind... so here it goes. (and it's a really long post).
  • Brogan probably wins with the most exciting news. This little guy is growing up SO fast! He's got his first tooth poked through, he's crawling (hands and knees) EVERYWHERE, and his latest trick is pulling himself up onto things. He pulls himself up onto EVERYTHING he can. HE really loves his new mobile abilities. He's still not very good with his feet, but it doesn't take too long for this boy to get it! His hair has seemed to grow really fast all of a sudden. I like to play with it. He's too cute with some spikes (or the occasional comb over ;)
  • Addison has taken on her terrible twos (like yesterday morning at 9:42 am) I haven't been able to catch a break from her. Her favorite thing to do (besides intentionally drive me nuts) is to pester Brogan, or do the opposite of what I'm doing (ie- cleaning up toys... she takes them out and puts them back on the floor). She hasn't been all bad though. She recently learned that pushing chairs around will get her up to counter/sink/stove/microwave level, and life hasn't been the same since. She's a "helper" at the sink while I'm doing the dishes, she likes to microwave random items (binkis, bowls of already popped pop corn...etc). She has also taken to cooking with me. (This doesn't bother me like dumping cups of water on the floor does). In fact I enjoy having her help me (to a point) when we're making dinner. I try to give her her own utensils and piece of whatever we're working with. She's growing up, and is definitely interested in what Mom's doing!
(And don't think that I didn't have to wrestle her down to comb and fix that hair!)
(Actually we bribe her with candy)
(Yes... I'm a horrible Mom)
  • My Mom's birthday is in November (the 4th) and she put on her Birthday list "A to-die-for Chocolate cake". So I went to work. I found a good recipe online and made cake #1 which overflowed in the oven (which resulted in a very clean oven). I didn't get down. I just tried again. Cake #2 didn't come out of the pan in one piece, but I snagged a taste of the cake, and it was "to-die-for"! So I decided to try yet AGAIN. (This time I greased and floured). Still didn't come out clean. SO I just smooshed the cake together into a cake form, frosted it, and put dark chocolate shavings on top. It was pretty darn good, but I think I'm going to have to find a new "to-die-for" recipe (one that comes out of the pan!)
  • Aunt JoAnna is the best aunt ever! She spends a lot of time with my babies, and sometimes they don't cooperate the way they should, but JoAnna always loves them no matter what! Addison's favorite room at Grandma Jensen's is JoAnna's room. It has so many cool "off limit" things she likes to play with. JoAnna let's Addison listen to her i-pod, and that's one of Addison's favorite things!
It's pretty safe to say that JoAnna is Brogan's ultimate favorite. I think he'd almost rather have her over me {almost}. He LOVES JoAnna!
One day Aunt Jo did Addison's makeup. (Um...a little hookerish... but Addison still had fun).
  • I babysit kids at Jazzercise on Wednesday mornings. Charlie Turner is one of Addison's favorite friends. On Mon-Wed-Friday mornings the only way I can get Addison to willingly get up and dressed is to say "Don't you want to see Charlie!?!" She loves Charlie!
Um... No- I don't spend waaaay too much time on the computer... haha!

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