Wednesday, November 30, 2011

State Volleyball 2011

This year our Varsity Volleyball team went to state and took third place! During Districts, Declo (our only rival this season) beat us in the first round, we beat them in the second, but they ended up winning the District Title. That had our girls out for some blood! We beat Malad in a play in game, and packed our bags for Couer d'Alene Idaho! We were able to raise enough money to take a charter bus (which is such a good thing!) We split the trip going up into two days. We practiced and stayed the night in Grangeville Idaho. It's a nice little town, reminded me of Gooding. We played the very first game on Friday morning, and ended up taking down Nampa Christian. Declo lost {twice} that day, and went straight home. Needless to say our girls were in a great mood! On Saturday we played Butte County and lost. Later Saturday we faced Ririe (who beat Declo), and the game was on. There were some touch and go moments where things looked a little iffy, but the girls fought hard to pull out the win, and take home that third place hardware! I was so proud of them!

with the C-Team Coach Kari Pease, and Varsity Coach Megan Millican. This was Megan's first year as a Varsity coach. What a way to start your career!
This group of girls couldn't be more special to me!
Kelsey Norris, Laramie Turner, and Kayleigh Erickson. (Amaia Demmary is missing from this picture. She was having knee surgery and couldn't go to State. She was really missed on and off the court. She was our team libero, and was one of the best little liberos I've ever seen!)
This group of girls was one of the last groups I remember from being in school with them. They were still in 8th grade when I graduated, but having known them through small town ties made them super special to begin with! These girls provided so many laughs and {some maybe not so funny} stories. I had a ball with these girls and will REALLY miss them next season!
After we lost to Butte County they put the hardware on a table outside the gym. I told the girls to touch it and rub some on their face... it'd be good luck. It seemed to really work!

(Thanks Kayleigh for making it look like I'm kissing you in this next picture! Freak!) haha! I really am kissing the little statue's head!
And I can't forget Stewart! Jon's farewell was on Sunday, and he was worried I wouldn't make it back in time. {We weren't sure that they'd drive all night- especially if we happened to be in the championship...} anywho- he drove me home. I slept {almmmmost} the whole way home. I guess he stopped somewhere for an hour to sleep. The best part is that the bus beat us home by 15 minutes. :] Fail. But I can't lie- it was fun having him there with me!

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