Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Addison loves her uncle Jon! Before he left on his mission they did everything together!
Here they are coloring on the floor.
Eating Jon's taco Wagon Birthday lunch. Addison would NOT sit in her high chair. She wanted her own plate like Jon, and she wanted to sit by him (scooch over Grandma! ;)
Jon smashed his finger while he was working at Turner's, and he was pretty helpless without it. Simple tasks like buttoning up his pants, were difficult. But it wasn't anything Addison couldn't handle. :)
Uncle Jon is going to make a great missionary! When he gets home Addison and Brogan will be so much bigger, but I know Addison will still love him just as much!


  1. So I just have to make fun of you....You said he couldnt "butting" up his pants! What exactly does that mean?!?!?....I feel like I always am "butt-ing" up my pants! hahah....glad Addison could help him out on that...haha...to cute!

    P.s. I am sure you meant buttoning...I just am being a smart "butt"!!!

  2. haha! Jami it's the new thing! :) Glad I can make you laugh (I did that purposefully for you!) lol!