Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Date Night

Awhile back (like August) I planned a surprise date for Stewart. It was a great date, and pretty inexpensive (my favorite).
We went out to my parents' pasture where they keep their horses. It's nice and mowed down. We parked by their little stream, and built a little blanket fort.
We used the pickup to make the tent, then we built a fire to cook our tin foil dinners (which really only need to be cooked for 10 or 15 minutes... not half an hour) (Stewart!) :) Yup. We burned the hell out of our dinner, so we picked around the charred pieces of meat and potatoes until we felt like we couldn't eat any more burn. :)
We made campfire cone s'mores (found it on pinterest), but after they came out burned too, I decided I needed waffle cones, NOT sugar cones. (Yup, we would never make it in the wild).
We played some UNO by fire-light, drank kool-aid out of my fancy glasses, and enjoyed the view. Isn't it fantastic?
As it started getting dark we were going to snuggle and look at the stars. As soon as we got settled we heard howling like 10 yards away. (It happened like in the movies... ya know- they get all settled in, hear scary noises, then pack up as quick as they can). Almost comical even! As we were packing up, all of a sudden someone in a white shirt was standing right by Stewart, and he had a gun. We both stopped really quick, until we realized it was just Jon. He'd come to check out the "thief" "stealing" his junk. :) We had a fun night just being together! Love you Stew!

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