Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So I canned tomatoes today (just tomatoes in water- nothing fancy). It was my second time ever, but first time alone. Lets just say I may never can ever again. Last week I dried a box of pears, froze a box of peaches, and dried three batches of pears. I also made a batch of peach and pear fruit leather. It was my first time with the fruit leather and it didn't turn out too bad. The best part about drying and freezing fruit is that it's not too terribly hard to do with the munchkins running around/crying for help. I'm not sure that food preservation is exactly my thing, but hopefully I'll do better next year when the kids don't rely 100% on ME. Here's to hoping my tomatoes hold up! (ps- I bought all the produce -not from my garden). Hopefully I'll get around to freezing my onions/tomatoes from my garden for crockpot meals. So far the kids and volleyball have taken most of my (sane) free time, so my thinking is that I can only go up from here (right?)

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