Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BAD Suzie

So our kitty Suzie is a very naughty kitty. I don't let her in the house except when I "need" her to "babysit" Addison. These days though she thinks she needs to be in the house ALL the time (even though I've needed her less and less these days). I've really been trying to wean her OUT of the house, but she hasn't been taking the bait. She literally ZOOMS in as soon as the door opens an inch! Well today Addison went with Stew to work, and I only had Brogan to take care of. I needed to make a few cakes today {one for tomorrow, and one for Friday} but I kept getting interrupted. Rambo was being SO bad {he's been chewing the sprinklers, digging in the yard, and barking uncontrollably so we've been tying him up}. I had to move his chain like five times and I finally ended up putting him OUTSIDE the yard. Wouldn't ya know that dumb dog decided he would rather be IN the yard, so he jumped onto a nearby trailer and back INTO the yard. Dumb dog. So I finally just unchained him, threw my hands up in the air, and yelled "RUN FREE FIDO!" I thought he really ran away for awhile, but I think he knew I was serious. (He stayed IN the yard -go figure). Whenever someone would come in I'd make them take Suzie back outside so she was OUT for most of the day.

Then Stewart and Addison came home. At this point in the day I had the cake baked, cut, stacked, and was whipping up my butter-cream frosting (ready for a crumb coat). Addison was playing outside and had the front door open (like she ALWAYS does), and I was totally distracted by Brogan's biggest diaper explosion to date. Stewart walked in the door and yells "SUZIE!!!!!!" I looked up at the counter, and Suzie had eaten the middle part of my cake. I wish I were the type of person that could just laugh that off, and say "why take the years off my life with anger?" Unfortunately, that's not really who I am. Of course I gave myself a terrible headache screaming at Suzie. I cried, and threw things around, and wished the Gerratt boys were around (with their 22s). I really seriously {still do} wanted to go drop her 10 miles from home. I haven't started on my new cake yet, but let's just say tomorrow is going to be a long day for this Momma. BAD SUZIE!

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