Friday, June 10, 2011

Spencer's Birthday

Last month was Spencer's birthday, so to celebrate we all went bowling. It was a lot of fun {even though I had a tough time knocking down anything}. Addison even bowled a few times {she really just wanted to run down the lane and chase the ball}. First we went to the Shoshone Snack bar to grab a bite to eat, then off to the bowling alley! I know we had fun, and I think Uncle Spencer did too!
Addison enjoyed her {big} burger and fries!

I don't think Alli and Brogan were too pleased with the service at the Snack Bar. All they got was milk!

What a cute little Smith family!
Addison sure loves her Uncle Spencer! She wanted him to carry her around, so he did!
Daddy helping her bowl.
Spencer was funny to watch. He would lean and wave the ball to one side with his hands to try and make it go where he wanted. He's too cute!

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