Friday, June 10, 2011

Uncle Jon graduates GHS!

Uncle Jon graduated from Gooding High School this spring {as Valedictorian even! -Yahoo!}! I can't believe how time flies around here! Seems like yesterday that I Was graduating and he was just a teeny little Freshman. We all love Uncle Jon, but Addison is like a little magnet to him when he's around. During basketball season we went to {almost} all of his games. To get Addison to sit on our laps we would tell her to find Uncle Jon on the floor, and it worked quite well! We are so proud of our little Jonny boy. I can't believe he'll be going on his mission this fall. I'm not sure what it'll be like without him, but I know that we will sure miss him! Me an him have been good buddies through it all. I can only hope that Addison and Brogan will have a similar sibling bond. Sure love you Jon!
I fixed Addison's hair while she was eating {so THAT's the secret ;) }
Proud of my little brother!
Addison was SO ready to get out of there! And I'm not sure why Brogan is scowling {oh ya- that's just his normal face ;) } Way to go Uncle Jon! On to bigger and better things!

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