Thursday, June 23, 2011

Loni's here!

Loni is finally here! Addison's cousin Loni came out this summer to raise her 4-H calf to show at the fair. She got here on Tuesday night and we were SO excited to see her! She got right to work on catching and brushing her little calf. According to the pedigree chart, this little cow's name is Maeve, but that wasn't quite Loni's style. Are you ready for the "new and improved" name? ....Maeve La Milkshake!! (Milkshake was my idea and the "Maeve La" was Grandma Bingham's). I think it's pretty darn catchy!! (The other one's name is still pending at this point)

Anyway- we are so excited for all the fun to come this summer hanging out with Loni. Addison absolutely loves her and I think she'll be Loni's little shadow over the next few weeks!
Loni's brushing the "other" little calf. This calf is a bit younger, smaller, and a bit more tame {I think Loni's not so afraid as she is of "Maeve La Milkshake". But no worries... she'll tame up in no time!}
EEEW! Dirty!
Here is the calf that will steal the show! Maeve La Milkshake!
Addison was Grandpa's little buddy too when he got home.
Addison, Loni and Grandpa. All are very interested in this cute little calf! :)


  1. Aahhh! Thanks for posting! It feels weird not to know what my daughter is really doing. Weird. Please keep the posts coming whenever you catch Loni in your camera. I would really appreciate the updates on how my little girl is doing! Love ya Debi

  2. Hi Juniel! I'm Debi's sister, Jody. I'll be sneaking a peek at your blog to see updates on Loni too. Hope you don't mind! :) Yeah for Loni's new adventure! Great pictures.