Monday, June 20, 2011

A puppy anyone??

We went on our first bike ride of the summer tonight! Can I just say I MISS riding my bike! It felt so good to be out in the fresh air getting a little extra exercise! I pulled Brogan in the bike trailer {in his carseat} and Addison rode in the little "extra" seat on Stewart's bike. We went up the road past Cindy Gillette's house, and out of nowhere this cute little puppy just started following us! So we stopped at Cindy's to see if it was hers. {we also saw Owen's sheep}, but it wasn't Cindy's dog. She thought it probably got dropped off there {I guess this happens quite a bit}. She told us we'd better take it home or it'd find it's way "up to heaven" {that's in my own words ;) } So we took him home with us and introduced him to Rambo. Rambo was SO excited to have a little friend {and he is VERY little compared to Rambo!} So far "scruffy" {that's what we're calling him for now} is pretty scared of Rambo, but I think they'll get along.

SO the final verdict on the puppy {which I think Stewart secretly likes} is that if his owners don't claim him, this Bingham family will give him a good home. :)

(Now we just have to find the right name for him if he is staying. Scruffy is something I came up with off the top of my head, but I'm not sure about it. He's a very small wiry, gray haired puppy. Name ideas are welcome ;)
Look at the difference in size! {maybe we'll call him tiny :}
Anyone want to claim this puppy?!
{hope not ;}


  1. O my heavens he is the cutest puppy... Sadly we have way to many at our house too. So I won't claim him (even though I would love too). So he kinda looks like the Tramp off the disney lady and the tramp. But that is probably not a good name to be yelling out the door to call him home. haha Love you and wish you luck on the names!

  2. He looks like a "Scruffy" to me! I wanna bike!

  3. How come I can't comment on your account logged in anymore?!? Did you change something, did I change something. I have about 5 blogs I can't comment on anymore and I don't know why. Yours has an anonymous setting so it still goes through I just have to sign my name. Any body eles have problems with this???? Jami

  4. I haven't had any trouble (although I haven't been commenting lately). But thanks for leaving your name... I always get a little nervous when "anonymous" comments :)

  5. I have had the same problem. It doesn't work with my Google account like before. I was able to comment once using the Name/URL option, but I can't remember how I did it now!
    Sheryl Odell