Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Circus!

Last week we went to the Circus! {Did you know I have NEVER been to a circus in my life? I can't blame my parents though -that thing was expensive!} My best friend from high school {Jordon Braga} was in town so we went together. {And can I just say how much I miss that girl!? I had so much fun just hanging out and catching up -felt like the good old days {well plus two kids and a husband ;) } Anywho- back to the circus!

They had a little "petting zoo" where the kids could pet some llamas and goats {why are there always goats at petting zoos??}. Addison liked the way they looked. She even tried to feed them some grass!
Cool Camels! You don't realize how weird they look until you see them up close.
{Don't you love Addison's fishy face? Thanks Grandma Bingham! :) }
Addison took to Jordon pretty quickly, and she loved her! Jordon helped Addison so she could feed her grass to the llama {Addison dropped the grass as the llama was going for it... and I don't blame her... those things are a little intimidating!}

I could not believe how talented those circus people are! They had tight rope walkers {who even rode bikes and jumped over each other on the rope}, trapeze people, jugglers, a contorshonist {ya that's spelled way wrong} trick dogs and ponies, rope dancers {for lack of the real name of those things}, a way funny {and talented} clown, and these AWESOME elephants! These babies can move! They did some pretty cool tricks too!
Addison feeding the goats some grass
Addison really enjoyed the circus! There was a point when Addison wasn't so interested in the circus acts, but instead wanted the peanut shells off the ground {eww}. So her good daddy got her some popcorn. She was pretty content after that :) .
Me and Jordon.
The Bingham clan at the Circus!
Brogan was such a good boy too {besides spitting up majorly on my shirt}. It was even time for dinner and bed, and he was very patient with us. {Sure love that boy}.
After watching the circus {and being amazed with those elephants} I had a slight interest in joining the circus! Then I loaded the car with those two sweet babies and decided that I have my own little circus to run, and I'm happy where I'm at :)

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