Friday, May 13, 2011

Bugs on the windshield...

  • I was driving home from Dietrich the other day after mowing Nancy's lawn. I had mowed {almost} the whole thing by myself and was feeling pretty darned accomplished. I had even gotten my first sunburn of the season! {To some that might not be awesome, but to me it means in a week I'll have established my base tan! (smile)} It was just me and the {sleeping} kids in the pickup. {The pickup now feels like an "old" pickup to me}. As I drove closer to Gooding bugs started hitting the windshield. At first I thought how annoying! They were blurring my vision and I had to turn on the old streaky wipers and run the windshield fluid several times till I could see again. As I was thinking about all these bugs and how annoyed I was at them, I starting thinking of what a BLESSING they were! SUMMER IS COMING! :)


  1. Oh how I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with sunburns. I mostly hate them because I just BURN and then it peels....But I love that it is summer approaching as well! AS for the bugs...Kill them all ;)!!

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