Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bob the Bunny

For Easter Addison got a bunny! {Although I think I'm the more excited one about it}. By the time we got to the store they only had white one's left (and a black one, but he looked evil). The man that sold them to us {might've been a tad bit "special"?} knew EVERYTHING about bunnies we could ever want to know. {I deemed him the "Bunny Whisperer"} And even though we got to the store only ten minutes before it closed, he took the time telling us how to take care of our new bunny. {I thought it was sorta cute the way he showed off his bunny intelligence}.

We brought home the bunny and Addison wasn't very interested in it. (She still likes the cat {whom we've named Roger} better). (Yes we named our GIRL cat ROGER, but I forgot it was a girl until Stewart corrected me (and by then Addison had already associated Roger with our cat... so what the heck?).
We were trying to come up with a clever name for our bunny, but when we asked Addison all she said was "Bob". (I think it may have been her attempt to say bunny...) SO BOB IT IS! Bob is just a teencey bit neglected. I don't hold him as much as I should, but he does have food and water and has lasted well past the "one week" mark that my friend Evyn gave him to live. ;) Stewart has big dreams for this bunny. I think it includes some type of body harness, a leash, and Addison taking part in the Lincoln county kid's pet parade. {I'll be sure to keep you updated on the progress of THAT dream}.

Petting Bob the correct way.
Aunt JoAnna helping Addison "hold" Bob {in a towel so he wouldn't crap on them}.
Addison just wanted to pick him up by his ears.
{Pretty sure the "Bunny Whisperer" would've said this was a no no} ;)

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  1. HaHa!! That cracks me up! Sure hope that you are enjoying Bob! You better listen to that "Bunny Whisperer", he obviously knows what he is talking about ;)