Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Mom Car!

So we actually invested in this large purchase about three months ago, and I just realized I never blogged about it!!! We started looking to buy our Mom car at the beginning of December, and two weeks later we drove this baby home! It was my first car buying experience ever, and not really the best it could have been... (I don't recommend Goodie Motor in Burley) but the car was exactly what we have been looking for and right in our price range so we knew we had to just do it. This is the Mom Car of my dreams! (okay- I did give on the sunroof... which in hindsight I'm glad I did). This 2003 Tahoe has heated leather seats, a third row, four wheel drive, and only had 80,000 miles on it! I love that we can fit my whole family in it to go to basketball games, I love that I can go grocery shopping and not worry that someone will steal my bulk buys from the bed of my truck, and I also love that it drives like a dream! I know I'm pretty stinkin spoiled, but I'm glad Stewart thinks I'm worth it. I'm super excited to have a nice {four door} vehicle to haul my bebies around in!

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